Portable Disinfectant Atomizer
Portable Disinfectant Atomizer
Portable Disinfectant Atomizer
Portable Disinfectant Atomizer

Portable Disinfectant Atomizer

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"I purchased this device to help with the sanitation and cleanliness of our home and our travels. As an educator the idea of a clean office and classroom beyond what the school provides is paramount! When my partner and I travel. item is packed with our luggage. A safe clean environment is important for us! If you're looking for a simple to use. effective sanitizer. I highly recommend this product! 100%"

 Lance R Lockwood Verified Customer


Introducing NanoCleanse - Portable Disinfectant Atomizer


Cleaning and sanitizing a space such as a small apartment can be a simple and straightforward task using a standard towel. mop. and cleaning solution.  Unfortunately. these same tools are too bulky and inconvenient for portable use. such as when cleaning an office. classroom. car interior. or hotel room.  Worse still. the intricate and often delicate nature of things like toys. keyboards. furniture. art supplies. and exercise equipment makes cleaning with traditional methods impossible.

NanoCleanse is a hand-held. wireless cleaning device that emits a disinfectant spray to quickly and safely sanitize any area.  The NanoCleanse design combines ultraviolet light with an adjustable nozzle that transforms any attached liquid solution into a powerful and unique dry fog.  Allow NanoCleanse to be the portable. time-saving cleaning tool to finally achieve an easy. on-the-go sanitation of any area. no matter the size. design. or location.


How NanoCleanse Will Change Your Life:

 Ultimate Deep Cleaning

Use the innovative design of NanoCleanse to combine purifying ultraviolet light with the cleansing benefits of disinfecting dry fog.  UV light is an effective sanitizer due to its high frequency that scrambles and damages the nuclear material of bacteria and viruses.



 Compact and Portable

NanoCleanse is a handheld. portable device that can sustain 2 hours of use (40 minutes continuously) after only a 3 hour USB-charge. perfect for on-the-go use.  Use NanoCleanse to give a proper clean to office spaces. classrooms. display counters. car interiors. and more!

  Travel Companion

The lightweight NanoCleanse is the perfect travel companion to easily include in a weekend bag for trip to a hotel or guest room during a business trip or family vacation.  NanoCleanse provides an ever-present cleaning tool for wherever your travels may take you.  


Reduce Cleaning Time

With NanoCleanse in use. a constant spray with an impressive reach of 6 feet can be achieved. allowing for a quick and efficient cleaning of more spacious environments.  Cleaning larger. high-traffic areas such as living rooms. meeting rooms. or hair salons can now be achieved with ease.


Small. Hard-to-Clean Items

The fine mist emitted from the adjustable nozzle of NanoCleanse atomizer is in the form of a dry fog.  Use this dry fog to finally allow for the safe sanitization of those smaller objects that cannot get wet such as remote controls. handheld electronics. art supplies. or portions of car interiors. 



We understand how annoying it can be to try to properly sanitize the interior of a car. with all of its different nooks and crannies.  It can be exhausting and time-consuming to have to constantly bend over using a towel and cleaning solution to tediously wipe-down every inch of the surface area.  Cleaning other small. high-touch items such as keyboards. furniture handles. and remote controls can also be an equally frustrating and complicated process.


Fortunately. NanoCleanse will make sanitizing your environment. whether large or small. a breeze.  NanoCleanse combines the magical power of ultraviolet light with the powerful dry fog to completely enhance the reach and effectiveness of an otherwise ordinary liquid cleaning solution.  Look forward to comfortably and conveniently cleaning even the most challenging spaces with ease using the power of a nano atomizer.

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